Secret Super Star

Without doubt, one of the finest films of the year in Bollywood. This is an additional show on the second weekend for who missed previous shows. Don’t miss “Secret Super Star” this time.

Secret Superstar Movie Review:

NDTV: Aamir Khan has a blast in this sweet and simple film about a young girl who dares to dream.

News18 : Heartbreaking and Heartwarming In Equal Measure.

Times of India : Aamir is the scene-stealer. Zaira is an absolute delight to watch.

Indian Express: The biggest strength of Secret Superstar is the wonderful Zaira Wasim.

Hindustan Times: Aamir Khan, Zaira Wasim’s Diwali release is high on emotions.

First Post: Secret Superstar is not merely an issue-based film; it is an entertaining, heartwarming saga of people and hope.

Deccan Chronicle: Zaira Wasim delivers a fine performance in the film that highlights the mother-daughter bond and importance of self-belief.


Movie plot: Insu, a young Muslim girl, aspires to become a singer but faces restrictions from her conservative father. She happens to cross paths with a musician, which unfolds into an exciting journey.

Language: Hindi
Subtitles: English


Sunday 29th October 2017 at 10h30: Arena Cinemas La Praille, Route des Jeunes 10, 1227 Carouge, Geneva



Past Shows:


Friday 20th October 2017 at 21h00: Cinema “Nord-Sud”, Rue de la Servette 78, 1202 Geneva.

Sunday 22nd October 2017 at 10h30: Arena Cinemas La Praille, Route des Jeunes 10, 1227 Carouge, Geneva

Lausanne – Pully:

Saturday 21st October 2017 at 13h00: CityClub Pully, Avenue de Lavaux 36, 1009 Pully




  • Ticket prices: Adults: 20 CHF / Students/AVS : 16 CHF / Children (-12y): 12 CHF
  • Tickets can be bought online or 30 minutes before the movie in the cinema.
  • We cannot accept any reservation by phone or email.
  • For information, please write to the organizer at or contact us on Facebook.
  • Seating will be provided on first come first serve basis