About the movie

For Malayalis, actor Mohanlal fondly known as Lalettan is a feeling or ‘vikaram’. Be it youngsters or any middle-aged people.

Meenukutty was born on the same day Mohanlal made his debut in Manjil Virinja Pookal. The film is about how a little girl’s fandom turned to become her life.

In Malayalam with English subtitles

When and where?

1. Geneva

Sunday 6th May at 13h15 – (With seat reservations) Arena Cinemas La Praille, Route des Jeunes 10, 1227 Carouge, Geneva.




  • Ticket prices:  Online– Adults: 20 CHF ,  Students & Senoirs: 16 CHF, Children 12CHF(plus charges upto 90 centimes)  /
  •                          Offline, – at the Cinema Adults: 22 CHF , Students/Seniors : 18 CHF, Children 14CHF
  • Tickets can be bought online or 30 minutes before the movie in the cinema.
  • We don’t accept any reservation by phone or email.
  • For information, please write to the organizer at or contact us on Facebook.
  • For shows where the seats are not numbered, this will be attributed on first come first serve basis; with priority entry for reserved tickets.